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If you have been considering Labiaplasty then you have come to the right place. We have sourced the very best labiaplasty surgeons in the UK who have years of experience and can help you understand the process, what to expect, the benefits and things you can do to speed up recovery so you are the new improved you sooner than later!

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BENEFITS of undergoing Labiaplasty

About Labiaplasty And Its Benefits written by: SorrenCob A surgical procedure that became very popular in recent years, the labiaplasty is often cosmetic in nature and deals with altering both the size and shape of a vagina’s external folds. The procedure can tackle the inner and outer labia and offers aesthetic and comfort benefits to the patient.

Cost And Procedure

Since the procedure itself is seen, first and foremost, as an aesthetic improvement, labiaplasty, just like many other plastic surgeries, is not covered by insurance. Fortunately, the cost is not exactly prohibitive. The average price revolves around the sum of £2500 pounds and it fluctuates depending on the practitioner and the details of the procedure from roughly £2000 pounds to £5000 pounds

While technically surgery, this procedure can be performed outside of hospitals or as doctors like to say ‘in-office’. It is considered a simple and routine intervention and it lasts for 2 hours on average. The patient is awake throughout the surgery since only a local anesthetic is needed. The surgeon then proceeds to cut off the excess amount of labia and reshape the folds as previously agreed with the patient.

Concerns And Precautions

Since labiaplasty is not covered by medical insurance, the procedure can be very lucrative for the doctors performing it, as they get to keep the earnings almost in their entirety. As there are money to be made, many gynecologists who are not properly trained to perform this type of surgery will, nevertheless, go ahead and try their best. It’s recommended that women who are interested in labiaplasty do some thorough research and choose their surgeon wisely.

It is also advised to perform a series of tests before the procedure, to see if the patient is in good health and can go through with the surgery without any complications. Anti-inflammatory drugs are not to be taken for 10 days prior to a labiaplasty. It’s also best to avoid aspirin. Doctor-prescribed antibiotics can be an efficient infection deterrent after.

Benefits And Popularity

Longer, bigger or deformed labia may cause self-esteem issues and make a woman feel self-conscious, especially in situations like intercourse or simply wearing a swimsuit or tight clothing. Apart from the aesthetic issue, it can also cause discomfort during sexual intercourse or while working out. Labiaplasty is shown to remedy these issues.

The positive effects of labiaplasty are supported by data. Figures reveal that this type of procedure is on the rise, with over 5,000 such surgeries done in the U.S. in 2013, an increase of 44 percent from the previous year. From 2002 to 2012 labiaplasties have doubled in Australia while, in almost the same time interval, they have quintupled in the UK.

Labiaplasty Steps

Not every woman is comfortable with the length of their labia minor or labia major and many decide to undergo labiaplasty surgery. This surgery reduces their overall labia length, helping to reduce discomfort while creating a more aesthetically pleasing vagina. While it is exceedingly rare for anyone to need a labiaplasty for medical reasons, many women seek them to be more confident in the way their vagina looks.

Most women who are interested in getting a labiaplasty are eligible for this surgery. Preparing for a labiaplasty is similar to the guidelines for other cosmetic procedures and include:
-Giving up smoking for at least two weeks before and after your surgery to encourage healing

-Having a physical examination conducted as well as a CBC, or anemia detection, to make sure it is safe for you to undergo this surgery

-Stopping taking certain medications, including herbal supplements, vitamins, and aspirin at least three days before surgery

-NPO (no food or drinks) after midnight before the surgery

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The Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty surgery is a rather straightforward procedure. After you have been given anesthesia, your surgeon will perform either the trim method, wedge method, or the extended wedge technique to reduce the size of your labia.

Trim Method
The trim method is also known as the strip method, as it removes the excess length of labial skin along the entire edge of the labia minora. This method is easier to complete and is usually used for those who wish to remove long and dark edges of the labia. It is also the quickest of the procedures, but it leaves more obvious scarring.

Wedge Method

The wedge method involves taking a V-shaped excision, or wedge, from the middle of the excess labia. This procedure has less obvious scarring as it maintains the natural edge of the labia; however, there is a chance the scarring may scallop over time as the scar tightens.
If the edges of your labia are darker in color, and you want to have them removed, this technique would not be appropriate. It is performed exclusively for excess length.

Extended Wedge

The extended, or modified wedge is a variation of the previous technique. It improves on the wedge method by taking a wedge out of the inner labia skin in addition to a downward facing wedge from the outer labia. This leaves the scar tissue nestled in the crease between the inner and outer labia and makes it extremely difficult to locate once it heals.
A labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure that should take less than two hours to complete. Most patients return home an hour or two after the procedure is completed.

Post-Operative Recovery

Labiaplasty surgery takes a few weeks to heal and you will usually be required to stay home for between three days to a full week to recover. You will experience general soreness and swelling in your genitals, but these will usually begin to subside after two to three weeks. Regular Epson salt baths are encouraged to reduce the swelling and bruising, and many patients sit on an inflated donut for comfort. It is also important to abstain from sexual activity and rigorous exercise for six to eight weeks to prevent tearing.
After Recovery

After the swelling is down and recovery is complete, most women find a renewed confidence in their sexuality. Many women report an increase in their self-esteem, with reviewers on RealSelf.com placing it at a 95% approval rating. If you find are unhappy or uncomfortable with how your labia looks, consider a labiaplasty to improve your confidence level.



–  Vaginoplasty written by: Joan Campbell


The term vaginoplasty refers to a cosmetic procedure and reconstructive plastic surgery done on the vaginal canal and the surrounding mucous membrane that might be damaged or absent due to a medical condition or acquired cause. When this is done, it is normally referred as vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginoplasty can also be done for sex reassignment surgery from male genitalia to female genitalia.

Vaginoplasty Cost

In the US, the cost for undertaking vaginoplasty surgery alone ranges from $3,000 to $12,000. This does not take into account other fees such as charges at the institution where it is performed, payment for the anaesthologist, and cost for anesthesia and other related costs.

The fee is normally dependent on the extent of the correction needed by each patient and the type of services that they are seeking. When a labialplasty and vaginoplasty are done at the same time, the fee is always very high. However, most doctors will offer a discount and combine the two procedures instead of doing them separately.

Surgeons in areas which are highly populated tend to cost more, similar to surgeons who are more established and with reputable facilities. Since most of the big insurance companies do not provide insurance for these procedures, a person will be required to save the down payment and create a repayment plan with the surgeon or medical facility.

Vaginoplasty /vaginaplasty Before and After

The success of these procedures or any other form of surgery is entirely dependent on different factors. Some patients who had problems before the surgeries have reported total success while others have remained unsure. Others have been left in a worse situation than they were in before due to surgeries gone wrong.

Vaginoplasty/vaginaplasty Procedure

In generic terms, vaginoplasty / Vaginoplasty procedures involve removal of excess lining. The surgeon also performs procedures meant to tighten the muscles and the soft tissues that surround the vaginal area.

For fertile women, their child bearing potential is not affected in any way by the procedure since the uterus and ovary remain in their normal and healthy condition. When a surgery is performed to rebuild, repair or for total construction of the vulva-vaginal region, then the surgeon will have to derive tissue from the autologous region of the patient for constructing the new genital area and parts. These tissues can be derived from:

– Oral mucosa

– Skin graphs

– Skin flaps

– Vaginal labia

– Penile tissue

– Intestinal mucosa

– Scrotal skin

Vaginoplasty / vaginaplasty Surgery

There are different vaginoplasty / vaginoplasty surgeries that can be undertaken depending on the needs of the patient. These include buccal mucosa, balloon vaginal surgery, vecchietti procedure, penile inversion, Wilson method, don flap correction, hymenotomy, among others.

Balloon Vaginal Surgery

This is one of the fastest ways to create a neo-vagina by a surgeon. It is also one of the methods that has been successful in treating vaginal aplasia. It involves using a laparoscope for inserting a foley catheter into the rectouterine pouch of a woman. This is followed by the balloon being distended gradually with the application of traction stretches in order to create the neo-vagina. One major advantage of this procedure is the fact that the surgeon has total control in deciding the depth and length of the genitalia.

Vecchetti Procedure

This form or surgery is performed on patients suffering from mullerian agenesis. The surgeon first threads a minor sphere laparoscopically made of plastic by sutures against the area. The threads are then drawn up through the abdomen, the vaginal skin and the navel and then later attached to a traction device. This procedure takes an average operating time of 45 minutes which is entirely dependent on the health condition of the patient and their needs. The traction is then used to pull the vaginal walls daily until the desired size is achieved which should not take more than a week.

Buccal mucosa surgery

This is a procedure which is relatively new. It is used to treat agenesis through the use of mucosa tissues healing qualities to form a lining. This surgery is beneficial since the patient undergoes minimal scarring and therefore the recovery period will be shorter.

The donor tissue from the cheek is harvested and formed into a stent. The surgeon then places this stent into the already created vaginal space and then sutures it to the labia minora and perineal skin temporarily when the patient is recovering. The risks involved are damaging scars in the mouth, infections and damage of the Stenson’s duct which is used to carry saliva to the mouth.


Vaginoplasty / vaginaplasty are expensive procedures that should be well thought out. The patient should conduct due diligence to ensure that the surgeon whom they contact to carry out the procedure are registered and have the necessary qualifications. However, they can improve the quality of life.

Difference Between Vaginaplasty and Labiaplasty


Labiaplasty and vaginaplasty have been very common in the modern day American life. Every day, a new digit is added to the national statistic of the number of women who undergo either vaginaplasty, labiaplasty or both. Whereas labiaplasty refers to the surgical procedure of reducing the inner and outer labia (skin folds of the female vagina), vaginaplasty refers to the cosmetic surgery of the vaginal canal and its mucous membrane.

These methods have been recommended since the reports of the women who have undergone them have praised them as they increase the general look and feel of the vagina. Depending on the needs of the individual patient, these two surgical procedures can be applied either of them or even both.


Every woman has her reason that prompted her to seek the medical attention of professional doctors who have specialized in vaginaplasty and labiaplasty. A report of 2008 study by Journal Sexual Medicine indicated 32% of the women opted to underwent these surgical procedures mainly to correct a certain impairment, about 31% of the women revealed that it’s for both the correction of impairment and also anesthetic reasons while 37% said that it’s for an anesthetic reasons alone. Regardless of the fact that they are both surgical procedures involving the human female vagina, there exists a spectrum of differences in the two procedures.

The address bit

Some women have one of either one of the labia larger than the other or both of them in size and shape that make the vagina less attractive. Labiaplasty is involved in the application of the surgical procedures on the outer (labia majora) and inner (labia minora) skin folds of the vagina. The labia will be reduced by into a more pleasant size and shape by removing off the excess tissues of either of the two vaginal lips’. This will ultimately make the whole vagina pleasantly attractive.

On the other hand, vaginaplasty aims to alter the vagina canal. Some women have very loose vaginal muscles. Thereafter, the vaginaplasty surgeon will continue with the procedure to make sure that the remaining muscles are tight and soft. Special sutures will be employed during the procedure so as to tighten the muscles together and this will translates into narrowing of the vaginal entry. Generally, labiaplasty focuses mainly on the address of the aspects which you can see where are vaginaplasty addresses the aspects you can’t see.

The goal of the procedures

Different surgical procedures have different goals at which they are aimed at. Labiaplasty is aimed at improving the general appearance of the labia minora and labia majora (the lips’ that covers the clitoris and the vaginal opening) and by extension the whole vagina. A successfully done labiaplasty will have the ultimate effect of making the vagina relatively more attractive than it was before. Statistics have it that, a larger proportion of the women looking for labiaplasty usually aim to alter the shape and size of labia minora as compared to the labia mijora.

On the contrary, women go for vaginaplasty if they want to make the vagina rejuvenated and hence making it tighter. The surgeons do this by joining any stretched muscle inside the vagina or in its mucous membrane. Thus, generally, as labiaplasty aims for what you see, vaginaplasty is geared to what you feel.

The causes of the procedures

Some women have asymmetric skin folds of the vagina. While others have relatively lager labia minora as compared to labia majora others are known to have larger labia majora relative to labia minora. However, the main cause for both is a “natural’ cause.” They have been born with that trait. They have been as a result of the gene characteristics which are shared using the Mendelian fashion from their parents and they either become expressed. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that extended labia is more of a natural problem.

On the other hand, some women have loose vagina or weak vaginal muscles. There are two main causes for this; the “natural” cause and the other cause involving a woman having multiple births. Thus, despite the role of nature in that genital problem, the reproductive style of women also has a crucial role to play as far as the causes of vaginaplasty are concerned. Unlike labiaplasty, vaginaplasty can be termed to be caused by at least two factors and the reproductive and sexual style of the woman also has a role to play.

Cost of the procedures

The fact that the two cosmetic surgeries are different and distinct is also depicted from the general cost of the same procedures all over the world. Starting with labiaplasty, for example, in US, the average cost of labiaplasty ranges from $3000 – $6000. In addition to that, also according to statistics, in UK, on average, the labiaplasty costs between 1000 sterling pounds – 3000 sterling pounds.

However, in US, the average cost of vaginaplasty ranges from $4000 – $9000. In UK, the average cost of vaginaplasty is between 3000 sterling pounds to 5000 sterling pounds. Generally, as depicted by the statistics, the average cost of vaginaplasty is higher than that of its counterpart labiaplasty in both countries. These numerical statistics can be inferred globally and thus it can be concluded that, the general cost of vaginaplasty is higher than that of labiaplasty. This is presumed to be due to the fact that the complexity involved in the surgical procedure of vaginaplasty is more as compared to that of the labiaplasty as it only involves mainly trimming off the extended labia.


Surgery of the female genitalia is becoming extremely common in America. This is due to the fact that the outcomes of the procedures have been proven noticeably fruitful. Through the advancement in technology, very many women have thus found a solution to their genital problems (extended labia or loose vagina). Women who may tend to think that these are “disorders” have no reason whatsoever not to undergo these cosmetic surgery since they offer a corrective measure.

It is worth to note that for the women who seek to achieve the two outcomes simultaneously, then both of the two surgical operations can be combined so as to realize effective outcomes.

Similarities Between Vaginaplasty and Labiaplasty


Vaginaplasty and labiaplasty have become increasingly common ranging from ordinary American women to celebs and public figures alike. Every so often, when either one of them or both are performed to a woman, the results have proven to be splendid. These procedures come as a joyous daybreak as some women who opt to increase the sensitivity and beautification of the genital areas, have a lot to smile.Certified and highly experienced medical doctors ensures that these services are available in medical institutions for women at any time.

Vaginaplasty and Labiaplasty

These procedures include vaginaplasty and labiaplasty, just to name a few. Whereas the former refers to the plastic surgery involving the female vaginal canal and its corresponding mucous membrane, the latter (also biologically known as labia minora reduction or sometimes just labia reduction) refers to surgical procedures which involves the skin folds that surrounds the female vulva.

These practices have been very common in most of the medical institutions in America. Most American women have received the idea of vaginaplasty and labiaplasty with warm hands and as they are seen to visit in large number the medical institutions that offer these services. These institutions include Reverse aging Centre, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, Colen MD Plastic Surgery, just to mention a few. A report by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons indicates that America records nearly 5200 plastic surgeries (vaginaplasty and labiaplasty being inclusive) annually.


These surgical procedures that alter some parts of the female genitals have some striking similarities as sampled.

Both involve the same female organ

These cosmetic procedures are all applied to the same female body part – the vagina. The inner labia (biologically known as labia minora) and the outer labia (biologically known as labia majora) are the two folds of skin of the vagina. Labiaplasty involves the plastic surgery that entails the removal of excess tissue of the labia. Vaginaplasty involves other parts of the same female genitalia – the vaginal canal and its mucous membrane. This will finally translate to tightening of the female vagina and increasing its sensitivity by a significant margin. Thus the two procedures are aimed at the artificial rejuvenation of the vagina.

Both involve common risks

When done accordingly, the artificial surgery is one of the most surgical procedures that may yield more than the desired effect. However, not all vaginal surgeries are done successfully and thus at some point, there is some risk involved in conducting them.

Needless to say, almost every procedure has some elements of risks attached to it and it goes without saying that these vaginal rejuvenation procedures are no exceptions. Bleeding is one of the most common risks associated with these surgical procedures. The chance of infection also appears to be within the realm of possibility, mostly during the actual process. Another risk is asymmetry. This involves parts of the vagina that have been involved in the procedure to lose their symmetry and thus having unequal shape and size. Other common related risks associated with vaginal surgery include scarring.

Having stated that, one should seek the services o0f a certified professional when in need of such a surgery.

Both are intended for the same reason

Vaginaplasty aims to tighten the vagina and increasing its sensitivity during sexual encounters. The ultimate reason why the women opt to go through the scalpel in the vaginaplasty is to maximize the sexual satisfaction and this has a role in building their self-esteem.

On the other hand, labiaplasty involves trimming one of the folds of skins of the female vagina. This will ultimately increase the satisfaction as a result of sexual encounters. Also the pain, embarrassment and discomfort will be words of the past. Hence women will finally clinch the desired self-esteem as a result of their sexual satisfaction and that of their partners.

According to Dr. Bernard Stern, a certified and experienced doctor in vaginaplasty and labiaplasty (has performed over 3000 vagina rejuvenation), the ultimate effect of these procedures to a woman is that it increases they self-confidence and self-esteem as they (the procedures) make the vagina achieve the desired tone.

Time factor

Women undergoing these artificial vaginal procedures are termed as patients just like any other person who visits the professional medical institutions due to a certain medical condition. Thus, there is a grace period between the day of completion of the actual surgery and the day when the patient will resume his/her daily normal activities.

On average, the patients who have undergone labiaplasty or vaginaplasty involve nearly the same period of time before they resume to their normal working schedule. A study showed that the mean number of weeks these patients take ranges between 21 days (three weeks) to 56 days (8 weeks) before they return to their usual regular activities. Furthermore, in both case, the patients take a few days after surgery before they can start walking comfortably.

Case study

Jean Johnson, an American and a mother of two kids, felt the urge to fix some of their body parts so as to increase their appearances irresistible. She visited Dr. Bernard Stern in his office with an aim of undergoing vaginaplasty. After consulting this professional medical doctor, they concluded that both vaginaplasty and labiaplasty were the best for her due to her condition.

The procedure entailed her vaginal tissue being stitched together and also her labia (labia minora and labia mijora) were also reduced and reshaped. As luck would have it, all the procedures were successfully done. She had to wait for three months for it to heal, and Johnson was noted to confirm that indeed, it produced more than remarkable results and had made her sex life far much better.


The appearance of the female genitals and by extension the human genitals has a key role to play as far as sexual encounters are concerned. There exists an urge to make the vagina yield the desired pleasure by doing the artificial vaginaplasty and/or labiaplasty. This will lead to the changing of its shape and even size’ as these will finally translate to maximum pleasure without the woman feeling pain, discomfort or embarrassed during the sexual experience. It was common to models but now, with the advancement of technology, even ordinary American women of good health and physical condition have proven to be good candidate for these procedures.